Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer

Why Choose Armourtech Concrete Sealer To Seal and Protect Your Concrete?

Environmentally and User friendly – Suitable for DIY use or Professional Contractors Armourtech DPS101 is Water Based, Safe and Easy to use.

Permanent – Armourtech DPS101 unique formula penetrates and “fuses” permanently to concrete.

Proven History – Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer was developed through concrete technology research and many years of proven performance.

Versatility – Armourtech DPS101 concrete Sealer is ideal for industrial and domestic use, from a sky tower to a driveway from a tunnel to a polished floor.

Armourtech Concrete Sealer solves the damaging problems caused by:
Damp, Water Migration and Erosion, Staining, Mold, Mildew, Salt Erosion, Animal Excrement, Concrete Dusting, and Efflorescence.

Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer is designed for sealing concrete of all forms including the following:

  • Floor Sealing – ground concrete, coloured concrete, warehouses, offices, cafes, workshops, concrete floors
  • Housing – plaster, masonry, concrete brick, concrete block, stucco, basements, concrete tiles
  • Domestic/Landscape – concrete driveways, concrete pavers, concrete floors, concrete block/bricks
  • Construction – precast concrete, tilt panels, marinas, buildings & structures, animal shelters
  • Architectural – historic concrete structures, specialty finishes.