Concrete Sealer

Why Choose Armourtech Concrete Sealer To Seal and Protect Your Concrete?

Environmentally and User friendly – Suitable for DIY use or Professional Contractors Armourtech DPS101 is Water Based, Safe and Easy to use.

Permanent – Armourtech DPS101 unique formula penetrates and “fuses” permanently to concrete.

Proven History – Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer was developed for concrete sealing through concrete technology research and many years of proven performance. IT WORKS!

Versatility – Armourtech DPS101 concrete Sealer is ideal for industrial and domestic use, from a sky tower to a driveway from a tunnel to a polished floor.

Concrete sealing and weather proofing can provide considerable protection to your concrete asset and enhance its life and looks.

Armourtech Concrete Sealer solves the damaging problems caused by:
Damp, Water Migration and Erosion, Staining, Mold, Mildew, Salt Erosion, Animal Excrement,
Concrete Dusting, and Efflorescence.

Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer is designed for sealing concrete of all forms including the following:

  • Floor Sealing – ground concrete, coloured concrete, warehouses, offices, cafes, workshops, concrete floors
  • Housing – plaster, masonry, concrete brick, concrete block, stucco, basements, concrete tiles
  • Domestic/Landscape – concrete driveways, concrete pavers, concrete floors, concrete block/bricks
  • Construction – precast concrete, tilt panels, marinas, buildings & structures, animal shelters
  • Architectural – historic concrete structures, specialty finishes.

Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer helps stop water, oil, grease, salts and other fluids from damaging concrete.
Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer allows floor coverings/adhesives to be installed and paint/coatings to be applied.
Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer is supplied throughout NZ to DIY users and Contractors. Advice and support for Designers and Architects is also offered.
Application services via our Network of Applicators are also available contact us to find an applicator in your area NZ wide.