Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete

Bring a splash of colour to your concrete floors with Coloured Concrete as you increase durability and add elegance with Lythic’s new Duet Colours for Coloured Concrete. Add colour and Densify in one step.

Water based Duet Colors for Coloured Concrete are mixed with Lythic Densifier for a dual purpose use. One simple application penetrates concrete with color as it adds surface hardness. Coloured Concrete with Duet Colors has no hazardous chemicals or contentious fumes to manage. Color and Densify in one step. 

To achieve Coloured Concrete with Duet dyes mix with either water or Lythic Densifier and apply at approx 200 grit grind. Then continue to polish to finishing grit.

Color Options:

Duet Colour Data Sheet

Colors shown may not represent variations that are normal in all concrete slab flooring receiving dye treatments. Lythic recommends approval of test mock ups before final application of  Duet Colors. Colors and specifications are subject to change without notice, suitable only for indoors applications. [tagline_box link=”” button=”Contact Us” title=”To purchase and get Free advice on the unique benefits of Armourtech Solutions.” description=””][/tagline_box]

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