Concrete Slab Finish Options

ARMOURTECH High Quality – Low Cost – Concrete Finish Options

Create a slab with great aesthetics and ease of cleaning less the cost and time of grinding using the
ARMOURTECH Floor PRO Float or ARMOURTECH Floor Hardwear Floor  process.

Also check out POWER TROWEL Finishing (PT)
Power Trowel (PT) systems are the newest rage by adapting power trowels to incorporate diamonds or nylon bristles. ARMOURTECH products are well suited to this process.

The technology of Colloidal Silica bonds with itself, a property not seen in any other product.

This self bonding property allows a slab placed with PRO Float to produce a permanently Densified, Dust Proofed, and Abrasive Resistant surface with a Shine by simply Burnishing.

Polished Concrete

Polished ConcreteARMOURTECH FLOOR PRO Float Floor just burnished


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