Polished Concrete – Colloidal Silica –

Polished concrete a more Effective, Efficient, Lower cost method using The Power of Colloidal Silica

  • The silica molecule makes the reaction begin quickly, within one to two minutes. This allows polishing to continue approx 1 hr after application.
  • No “whiting,” even if over-applied
  • No overnight curing, no scrubbing in, no scrub off . After the slab is allowed to dry for approximately an hour, it is ready for polishing
  • Ability to achieve a gloss expected from higher grit polishing with lower grit abrasives, which reduces the use of polishing machines.
  • Colloidal Silica formulation penetrates and reacts with concrete faster and more effectively than conventional silicate systems and produces a harder, more uniform surface making it with stand abrasion and take a better polish.
  • One of the great qualities of reactive silica is that it will react with other available silica. This is a major distinction between reactive silica and silicate/siliconate/lithium products which require Free Lime to react. Therefore Colloidal Silica is far more reactive, efficient and consistent producing a better polished concrete surface.
  • Densifiers are compatible with integrally colored concrete, as well as concrete stains and dyes.
  • Reactive Colloidal Silica even bonds to and hardens decorative cementitious overlays that are low-lime and do not react with silicate densifiers.
  • The mission of a Densifier in producing a great polished concrete finish is adding silica to the surface of concrete. Densifier with Reactive Colloidal Silica is 99.5% pure silica. Therefore creating a harder surface that polishes up better.
  • Fills the pore structure more consistently, and can even “rescue” soft or damaged concrete.
  • Bonds directly to silica in the overlay cement, making it stronger and more polishable.
  • Densifier can be used on freshly placed concrete, or slabs in place for decades.
  • Colloidal silica densifiers are compatible with integrally colored concrete, as well as concrete stains and dyes.
  • Excellent primer and is compatible with most resilient tile carpeting adhesives.
  • Requires no waxing and provides an immediate sheen that improves with normal wear and maintenance.
  • Water based

Be amazed at How Little it took to get such a Fabulous Look!